Keyflow Nurture® PRO

Fully Steam Extruded • EQ Amino Pack • Balancer • Low Sugar & Starch • Omega-3 DHA 

  • A balancer-style feed specifically designed for Stud horses and youngstock kept at pasture
  • Ideal for all types of breeding stock and youngstock, including working stallions, dry, in-foal or lactating mares, and foals, weanlings and 2YOs
  • Low dosage feeding rate (perfect for feeding in the field)
  • Concentrated levels of nutrients, pre-digested via steam extrusion for maximum nutrient absorption in the hindgut
  • Highly palatable, extruded 'nuggets'
  • Added DHA long chain omega-3 fatty acids - the benefits of DHA are countless
  • EQ Amino Pack to match the nutritional profile of the equine soft tissue and bone matrix

All of the features which make Nurture PRO perfect for breeding horses, also make it a very effective feed addition for any horse who is in need of extra muscle mass or body development.

Keyflow Nurture® PRO Pre-digested Stud Balancer has been formulated through collaboration by world class equine stud nutritionists as a nutrient dense ration designed to support and balance the diet of stud horses kept at grass (stallions, mares and foals and youngstock). It can also be fed to underpin and enhance existing Keyflow rations of high performance horses.

Nurture® PRO is concentrated as well as being wet-steam extruded – making it a highly digestible (over 90% in the small intestine), low-rate feeding solution that ensures that stud horses’ increased daily nutritional requirements are met whilst being highly sympathetic and acceptable to the equine digestive system.

We’ve added high levels of DHA long chain omega 3 fatty acids, research proven to support semen motility, mare postpartum recovery as well as foal development and early feeding behaviours (including faster uptake and more prolonged colostrum feeding immediately after birth). This algal sourced long chain fatty acid is highly transferable through the milk, benefiting the mare, the foal in-utero and once born, then ongoing in the feed ration.

Nurture® PRO includes EQ-Amino Pack™ – a unique and advanced protein profile matched the composition of equine soft tissue and bone – supporting lean, even, effective musculoskeletal growth and development.

This feed is also ideal and able to be fed to performance horses who are in need of a high quality protein and nutrient rich addition to their diet.

Nurture PRO® is made up of palatable, easy to eat nuggets which horses can easily pick up off the ground when dropped. These Nurture® PRO nuggets can be fed on top of hay, off dry ground or fed in traditional paddock feed bowls and troughs.

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