Mark Todd Maestro

• Partly Steam Extruded • Micronised Grains • Omega 3 • Contains Beetroot • Stabilised Rice Bran • Low Sugar • Protexin Probiotics • Contains Prebiotics •

Mark says:

“Maestro is ideal for horses & ponies that are up and running. It gives them great long lasting cool energy that doesn’t make them hot.”

  • Max digestibility through wet steam extrusion  
  • A comprehensive highly specced competition mix designed to outperform
  • Contains Beetroot - a natural source of nitrate for muscle function
  • Stabilised rice bran provides cool on-demand energy
  • Omega 3 rich through the use of cold-pressed rapeseed oil
  • Added Protexin® Pro-biotic for improved gut health

Perfect for:

  • Dressage horses or ponies
  • Eventers
  • Driving horses or ponies
  • Showing horses or ponies
  • Hunters
  • Where sustained release energy is required

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