Mark Todd Stay Cool

• Contains Steam Extruded Ingredients • Contains Micronised Grains • High in Omega-3 • Contains Beetroot • Stabilised Rice Bran • Low in Sugar • Low in Starch • Contains Protexin Probiotics • Contains Prebiotics •

Mark says:

Stay Cool is brilliant for horses or ponies that are resting or are in light work. They maintain excellent condition, are happy horses to ride and never nervy” - Sir Mark Todd

Mark Todd Stay Cool is scientifically formulated to provide a comprehensive, premium-quality nutritional package for horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium work.

We use ‘pre-digestive’ technologies including wet steam extrusion and micronisation to make the most important elements of Stay Cool ‘muesli mix’ over 90% digestible in the correct parts of their digestive system – meaning you can feed less, for more impact. It also means that the energy delivered by Stay Cool is slow-release, ‘cool’ energy.

Stay Cool is a dry, delightful looking muesli, with no added molasses, keeping it extremely low in sugar. We’ve also added prebiotics as well as Protexin® probiotics to keep your horses digestive system healthy.

We’re health-conscious, so have added cold-pressed rapeseed oil to boost the anti-inflammatory Omega-3 levels in your horses diet – the benefits of Omega 3 are countless.

Your horse will simply feel amazing to ride.

Perfect For: 

  • Horses and ponies in light work
  • Leisure and pleasure hacking
  • Pony club, games and riding club horses
  • Low level competition horses, spelling and maintenance
  • Where low starch, comprehensive nutrition is required

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